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APPLICATIONS: Bespoke sculpture, panels, doors

DESIGN: Bespoke and panel with Moa inserts


DESIGNERS: Stack Business Interiors and Fodera

In collaboration with Stack Interiors, we developed their idea for an architectural feature in Zurich’s new offices in Zurich House. The seven-metre tall sculpture stretches up beside the stairwell between two floors, resembling a modernist representation of a waterfall, with textured, high-gloss white panels fitted 
seamlessly together. It is made of over 500 individually cut and lacquered pieces that fit together like a jigsaw, which allowed us to install it in record time, 
over one night. The sculpture crosses the line between architectural work and art work, and is a testament to the incredible versatility that our product, and our factory, embodies. Fodera architectural panels on the lobby walls complement the feature, and have hidden fixings and secret doors.